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5950 South Platte Canyon Road, D4

Littleton, CO 80123


Open 10 AM - 7:30 PM

Closed Mondays

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Big Brew Day May  3rd 2014!  

75 Gallons Brewed!

Brew on the Patio

Come visit our new patio and join your friends for a brew day and some beer brats. At Bierhaus we want our customers to have a new experience in brewing.  The Electric HERMS is ready for use!  Want to feel like the big guys on a small system (5-10 Gallon Batches). Stop by today and take a look.

 We have expanded our grain selection again! Milo the Brew Dog says come visit him today.


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Football Season Is Here!

The Hop Garden is available for your brewing weekend.  Come brew a batch and watch the game.  Plan your event today!  Don’t have weekends off. Not a problem the patio is open weekdays as well.

We want to give a shout out to our new neighbors as they prepare to open in the The Shoppes at Columbine Valley.

Locavore Beer Works!

Opening November 15th, 2014

Friday Evenings at Bierhaus

Mark your calendars!  Friday evenings are going to be tasty ones.  Bring in that great beer you made and share it with other customers.  Share information with others as they share with you.  Want to know how your beer rates?  We will also have customer judging sheets.  So make sure your bottle is unmarked if you plan to have it rated/judged.

Mead making Class Sept 27th!  With Steve (National Bronze Medal Cider Winner) the Mead Guy.

Come see us at the Greenway Festival on Oct 4th.  We will be giving a brewing demonstration.  Also there will be information on making mead and Inland Island will be there for information on yeast.